Free Varna Tour season 2013 comes to an end
by dok in News from Free Varna Tour on 2013-10-09

The summer came to an end and Free Varna Tour will take a brake until April 2014. The last tours in 2013 will be on 13th October at 11:00h and at 18:00h so if you are planning to visit Varna in the first weeks of the month – don’t miss them!

We only started this tour on 13th April 2012, but we already have a lot of stories to tell, some mistakes to correct and ideas to carry out in future!

Since the first Free Varna Tour in 2013 we attended 1883 guests from Australia, USA, UK, Germany and even Palestine, Brazil and Mauritius.

We are proud to share with you our great rating in TripAdvisor – 80% excellent reviews describing the tour as “fabulous”, “highly recommended”, “a great way to see the city”, a “don’t miss event”. According to the travel website, Free Varna Tour is ranked number one activity in Varna!

The beautiful city of Varna hosted our annual teambuilding with our colleagues from Free Sofia Tour. Of course, the main part of the event was at the beach. Except the organizational work, we had so much fun! Our teams from Sofia and Varna got together and shared 2 days of self-knowledge, group-uniting activities and tons of games our HR team came up with: The Toilet-paper-game (our feedback showed that it was the most popular game of the evening), the Lift-me-up game, we flew Chinese lanterns and had some great time.

As you may suggest, the Free Varna Tour team has a huge knowledge of the city, its secrets and can prove that Varna is not only a great place for nightlife and sunbathing – it is the cultural seaside capital of Bulgaria - our city is a Candidate for European Capital of Culture. If you have already visited Free Varna Tour, you surely know why and if you have not – you are welcomed : )

Although almost all of our guides were born and grew up in Varna, thanks to you - our guests, we learned things which never occurred in our minds – how to explain why the Bulgarians stick the obituaries to the walls and bus stops or where you can find a manual for playing the traditional Bulgarian instrument gadulka. Our tourists also help each other – once a German guest helped a Brazilian one with a very charming story explaining what snow is. And yes, our South American guest got to know that the white snow was the good snow and the yellow one… well… not so much :D

We always get to learn from our guests, have a great time on each and every tour and sincerely hope that it works both ways. We promise to continue improving the Free Varna Tour by using the experience we gained the last two seasons and be expecting you in front of the Cathedral at 11:00h or 18:00h for a free and unforgettable tour!