I am Milen and I came to Varna at an early age. I spent my teenage years here, left for the Netherlands after high school, studied, debated, traveled and worked around Europe and came back for an unforgettable summer. You are welcome to join me on my quest of adventure and I hope I can contribute to your holidays in a positive way! I can show you around the city and offer you a taste of Bulgarian life, Varna in particular. Hope to see you in front of the Cathedral every evening at 18.00pm
Didi was born and grew up in the center of Varna and since her early ages she is addicted to the sea. She graduated an economic high school in Varna and then left to study economics in The University of economics in Varna, which is 200 meters away from her high school. Her dream is to travel the world one day, but in the end to come back to Varna. Economics is not her only interest, she loves drawing, reading, riding bike along the sea shore and volunteering in AIESEC and in more social projects.
Dalia is not from Varna but from a city nearby, which also makes her a foreigner so she's capable to show you the city through another foreigner's eyes. She is learning four languages and has been interested in different cultures for her whole life. The love for adventures has brought her in more than ten countries for less than 2 years. Among her hobbies are drawing, singing, writing, different sports - from MMA and kickbox to belly dancing. She's been a tattoo artist for two years, but her dream is to become a dentist. By beeing a guide, Dalia combines her greatest passions in life - meeting new cultures and people, having adventures and leaving her mark in the world.
Born in Varna and grew up in a part of the city only 15mins away from the sea, probably that is why she is so in love with the sea side. After graduating the English-language high school, she went to sunny Malta for several years to do her BA in Communications and European Studies. But Maria cannot stay at the same place for too long and is always looking for a change. So after Malta she went to explore London - at first only for holiday, but then she moved there straight away. In London she did her Master degree in Corporate Communication. She has always been looking for dedicating her work in a good cause and is very proactive when it comes to green ideas and preserving the environment. One of her great experience is the chance to work for Greenpeace headquarter in UK. Truly an optimist and always smiling. Among her hobbies are yoga, jogging, swimming, reading, collecting coins from all around the world, and travelling is her passion in life.