Free Varna Tour wants you in the team
by dok in News from Free Varna Tour on 2013-04-03
For the second time Free Sofia Tour Association is looking for locals with a long-term dedication to the first regular free English language sightseeing walking tours in the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna! The walking tours will be organized in the way they exist in almost all big European cities, including Sofia and Plovdiv.

Free Varna Tour started on Friday, 13th April 2012. This year’s season will start on Saturday – again 13th of April.

The primary goal of our Association is to make every foreigner feel welcome in Bulgaria and ignite their interest in such a way so that they want to come back and recommend it to others. We are young and passionate about what we do and we constantly strive to make each tour personal, fun, informative, helpful and tailored for each visitor’s individual needs.

If you join us, you would:

  • be part of a motivated and enthusiastic team of young professionals
  • benefit from being in an international environment
  • practice your public speaking…
  • …with people from 6 continents
  • work on exciting projects, including your own ideas
  • get a jump start on networking
  • have an opportunity to write for an online media
  • pass a preparation course for free
  • be on the news

You are the perfect candidate, if you:

  • love Varna and Bulgaria
  • are Bulgarian and speak fluent English (other languages are a plus)
  • have international experience (preferably you have studied or worked abroad)
  • are willing to get to know people from all over the world
  • are entertaining ,communicative and a good story teller
  • feel young and enthusiastic
  • are ready for a big commitment
  • have rich general knowledge about Varna and Bulgaria (and not only) and you are eager to learn even more
  • know how to use a keyboard
  • are not afraid of rain, snow, cold and blistering sun
  • are not looking for a job, but a special kind of hobby
  • are not shy and not afraid of making a mistake in front of dozens of people
  • are never late and what responsibility is

If this is YOU and WE are what you’re looking for, THEN JOIN US and make the stay of Varna’s guests memorable!

Send us your CV by 25th of March 2013 at!