How bulgarians celebrate Easter
by dok in Traditional Bulgarian on 2013-05-05 As a country with strong Orthodox Christian traditions, in Bulgaria there are a lot of habits in celebrating Easter. Some of them might be a bit weird for the foreigners but they have remained for a long time. We start the preparation for this feast a few days before it. On Thursday we dye [...]
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How we celebrate Christmas Eve in Bulgaria
by dok in Traditional Bulgarian on 2013-12-21 In unison with our Christmas mood, we decided to introduce you to the way we celebrate Christmas Еve in Bulgaria. Despite the fact that most of us are Orthodox and Christmas should be on January 7th since most Orthodox churches still follow the Julian calendar, in Bulgaria we follow the [...]
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Bulgarian Lighthouses- Giding Stars on the Black Sea Coast
by dok in Traditional Bulgarian on 2014-05-06 In ancient times people guided sailors by fires built on hilltops. Knowing that the fire would be seen from far away if it was placed on a platform led to the development of the lighthouse. Building of lighthouses like towers, as we know them nowadays, started in 18th century in order to [...]
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