What to do in Varna during our winter break Part 2
by dok in Tips and tricks on 2013-12-10

The winter is here already, and as we promised, we continue providing you with ideas of what Varna can offer its citizens and guests when beaches are not an option. Our ideas are mainly facing the windy and cold weather and are suggesting warm and cozy options for a good time.
We strongly believe that you will find a meaningful cultural experience in our city as long as you know where to search for it. This is a kind of a reminder that these ideas are applicable during all seasons.

Being inhabited over 7000 years ago, Varna preserves the memory of past civilizations and their treasures. And we mean this literally: the oldest gold treasure in the world, dating from somewhere between 4600 - 4200 BC was found in Varna Necropolis several years ago. It is an amazing fact, which once again proves that Bulgaria is a countrу hiding a lot of unexpected secrets. The Necropolis and the 294 graves found there in 1972 date from the Chalcolithic age and were used for downright and symbolical funerals. 990 pieces of golden objects (more than 1,5kg!) were found in one of the graves. The treasure is kept in the local Archeological museum.

A totally different experience - the Dolphinarium! It is the only one in Bulgaria, offers everyday shows (starting at 12:00h). And the more intriguing part - you can swim with a dolphin for an hour, play various games with it and see if you can create a special bond with one of the most intelligent sea creatures. You will be charged 100 leva (about 50 Euro) and, according to our team, it is a must-experience thing.

The Ethnographic museum is another place where you can recover Bulgarian history and become a part of some of the most difficult, but somehow in the meantime, most meaningful times for our nation. The Ethnographic museum is, of course, situated in a house from the Revival age. The beautiful building dates from 1860 and most of the objects in the exposition are from the same period. The collection includes numerous exponents featuring traditional Bulgarian musical instruments, clothing, crafts and many others which were an important part of the Bulgarian household for centuries.
If you want to meet the citizens of Varna in an informal environment, you will most probably find them (especially in the winter) in the five malls of our city. The trade centers are bright, full of modern clothing, famous international and local brands. Varna is famous with its nightlife not only during the summer season - the city is known for its 5 universities and 4 colleges and is therefore full of young people.

In the beginning we only intended to fit our best ideas in two blogposts. But when we started thinking about it, we found out that even a brief introduction of the city for activities only suitable for the winter, needs a lot more space. This is why we'll continue providing you with more intriguing options in Part 3.