What to do in Varna during our winter break Part 1
by dok in Tips and tricks on 2013-11-04

As you already probably know, Free Varna Tour is taking its well deserved winter break. The last tour for 2013 was on 13th October.

Here is some advice what you can do if you come to Varna in the winter without our professional guidance.

You can make yourself a tour – plan everything before you arrive. You can use some ideas on the website of the Cultural and tourist information center – Varna, sometimes containing useful and up-to-date information. The center of the city is always a great place to take a walk. You may start from the Cathedral (the gathering point of our tour) and walk the beautiful and fun “Vladislav Varnentchik” boulevard, have a drink or something to eat in one of the many nice bars and restaurants. A must-do in Varna is the city garden, or as we call it, the Sea garden. The beach may also be a good solution, although you will not be able to enter the sea (the temperature of the water is 40-80 C), you will be able to enjoy the peaceful influence of the waves.

You might as well visit the Orthodox Cathedral Dormition of the mother of God - one of the main sights in the city. The reason why it is such a popular destination is the fact that it is the second largest in Bulgaria, its architecture is very typical for the orthodox churches, but is not something you will often come across in Bulgaria. The temple has been finished in 1886 for only 6 years financed mainly by voluntary donations. It is open for visits between 07:30 and 17:00h everyday and is free of charge. The cathedral is beautifully lightened on the exterior so a night walk around it is also a meaningful experience.

As a whole, the city center is a good example of how the locals in 19th century built massive structures with Western-european architecture, mainly private houses influenced by the  Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Near the city center you can find the old National revival complex (9 “27 July” Street), including the National revival museum, “St. Archangel Michael” church and other typical buildings for the Revival age of the Bulgarian history. The first Bulgarian school in Varna has been founded in 1862 and is also located in the complex. The school’s first floor was later transformed into a church. Being a center of the Bulgarian traditions and culture at that time, the temple greeted the Russian liberators in 1878 after they overpowered the Ottoman army in a crucial battle. The museum of the Slavic language is situated in the school’s building and its exhibits include orthodox manuscripts from the 16th century and authentic icons.

Good winter destinations in Bulgaria (except the picturesque mountain resorts) are Sofia and Plovdiv – they are warmer, exciting during the winter and offer everyday free tours.

Although the Free Varna Tour is having its winter break, if you have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made tour for you!